Cannon Christopher Cox – 7 lbs. 15 oz.

I have taken a little break from posting to spend time working on our house/personal projects before baby #3 comes & here is a short list of the things I have accomplished over the past few weeks…

re-painted the hallways, painted the baby’s room, painted my bathroom (twice), painted & re-organized the playroom, cleaned out EVERY closet in the house, made 6 trips to Goodwill, posted & sold many items on craig’s list, blew up my favorite picture of the kids & put it on canvas, updated my photo albums, done my taxes, cleaned out my office to make room for the baby, wiped down all the blinds in the house,  updated all displayed pictures in the house & wiped down every baseboard that I could find. Whew… this list is making me tired just writing about it. I am preparing myself b/c march & april are so busy with shoots that it leaves me no time for last minute nesting! I think what has made me most prepared for having this baby though was the birth of my newest nephew today, Cannon Christopher Cox. He is SOOO cute & I love him SOOO much! Today started out with instructions to a babysitter (not 1 but 2) on how to take care of, discipline, put on the potty, feed, & dress 5 kids ( my sister’s & mine) & a dog and ended with 5 exhausted kids visiting their newest sibling/cousin in the hospital & passing out hugs & kisses to him. I spent all day at the hospital with my sister & was actually in the room for the birth! Not something that I would normally want to do but they asked me to stay at the last minute & I could not help but think of all of the amazing photos that I could capture during those first precious moments when Canon was born. I hope these photos give you a little glimpse into Cannon’s first few moments on this earth. I am so proud to welcome Cannon to our family & I am sure that he will have many lively days ahead of him as the SEVENTH child in the family – (whew… and I think I am tired??) Welcome Cannon… we love you!


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  • Sarah Pay - He is BEAUTIFUL! Congratulations to you all. Love that hair. can’t wait to see more pictures in the weeks and months to come. How fun that he will have a cousin so close in age!

  • morgan - Hopie!! these are so cute! He is precious, isn’t he? ahh its so exciting!! Love you!

  • Sally Tucker - How funny that Robin Rodenburg was the nurse! Small world! : )Congrats on your pregnancy! WOW! you’be been quite a busy little bee!!!