my love bugs

(Hope Bray – Charlotte Photographer)

here they are… my very own Valentine’s. I love them so much it is hard to even write about. I love the way they laugh, smile, pout, cry (sometimes), & pitch fits. I love their quirks & their ever-changing obsessions – Thomas the Train, Bob the Builder, Elmo, Spiderman, & Princesses. I love to be the one to wipe their tears & see their eyes light up when they are happy. I find so much joy in teaching them about a God who loves them even more than they can understand & to pray for them everyday in hopes that one day they will understand how far His love goes to reach them.  I love to hear them stand up at the dinner table & say the pledge of allegiance (which I had no idea they even knew), &  when they tell me who their best friends are. I love to hear them repeat things that I told them that I was sure they never even heard. I love tucking them in at night & hearing their prayers – mostly for people that have to sleep in the cold & have no home but also the occasional thanks for their legos or lambies. I love every bit of them… what can I say? I never knew that I could love anyone so much outside of my dear sweet husband….Happy Valentine’s Day to my THREE love bugs!


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