snow, sleet, & sledding

(Hope Bray – Charlotte Photographer)

When I got back from my girls weekend I was greeted with a whole blanket of snow over charlotte – YIPEE!!! All my kids could talk about the whole way home was going “sledding with daddy.” As soon as we got home we headed right outside & hit the slopes (or driveway) & stayed out there until our fingers & toes were numb. It was SOOO much fun! There were tons of people in the neighborhood roaming around & playing in the snow so we had several neighbors join us in our snow sledding adventure. When we were done Chris parked his car on top of our driveway which is VERY steep. A few hours later, one of our neighbors came over & asked if Chris meant to park in the middle of the street. WHAT????? Apparently his car had slid all the way down the driveway & was blocking the street! If you know Chris you are probably laughing your head off b/c you know this would only happen to him!! I hear that another winter storm is headed this way next weekend so there might be some more snow pictures on their way – I cannot resist snow pictures!

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  • - SO FUN! And, super cute. Hilarious about the car. haha

  • Allison Reed - You kids look like so much FUN! But I wouldn’t expect anything less from y’all. Also, it does not surprise me at all that Chris’ car slid into the middle of the road! I’m glad it and everything in it’s way are ok! Hope y’all are doing well.