it’s coming..

spring that is, and I just about CANNOT wait!!! I am so tired of this cold, dreary winter that it just makes me want to move to somewhere warm & tropical until it is all over…. and then reality hits me… Boo.!  Good news is that it is right around the corner. Fall is definitely my busiest time of the year but spring is right up there too. All that to say I did want to let everyone know that I won’t be shooting between May 1 & July 1 this year in order to get adjusted to life with 3! Which leads me to my next point… March through May are going to be a crazy few months for me packing everyone in so I wanted to encourage you if you are going to book something to do it sooner rather than later b/c my weekends are already booking up fast with shoots. Weekdays I am a little bit more flexible but weekends are getting slammed quickly. I am sure come July 1st I am going to be very anxious to pick up that camera again (and maybe a little tired of just shooting my own newborn everyday:)  so if you can’t get a spot in the spring then late summer is always an option!  Here are a few pictures from last week’s nice weather….oooohhhhh, bring it on!!!


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