the sweetest story ever..

(Hope Bray  – Charlotte Family Photographer)

Now this story really touched my heart. They told me it has just been Katy & her mom for 18 years. Now Katy is off at college so she thought it would be a good time to capture some memories of her & her best bud, mama. Katy emailed me that she was going to surprise her mom & give her a shoot for Christmas. Now what kind of college student is that thoughtful??? So… everytime Katy babysat she stored away her $$ in a little envelope until she had enough to pay for the shoot. She told her mom that she was saving her $$ so that she could pay for her friend’s Christmas presents & her mom would not have to help her pay for them. How sweet! I was really excited about the way these pictures turned out b/c I feel like it really captured the essence of their relationship… see for yourself… they will really make you smile:)


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  • - what a thoughtful daughter!! the pictures are priceless….

  • anne - those are great! katy used to babysit for us! hi katy! what a thoughtful gift and you look great and your mom is beautiful too! love the last one.
    kate says hi!
    anne willette

  • Katy - Hey Anne! Thanks so much for the positive feedback! Isn’t Hope great!?! Hope all is well! Tell Kate hello, I bet I would barely recognize her now!
    Hope-These are so wonderful we are so happy with them! I coulnd’t thank you enough!!!

  • Jen Parrish - Katy and Tana – these came out GREAT! I loved them! Such a sweet gift, Katy…