rockstar status

(Hope Bray – Charlotte Children’s Photographer)

Brooke is a rockstar. Awesome mom, awesome encourager, & awesome photographer. She is my #1 comment fan on my blog. Seriously, I LOVE comments on my blog & she is my #1 comment supporter. I think she has commented more than everyone else combined!  She picked this amazing place to do this shoot in SC. Fabulous, fabulous! It was a place that the boys could run free & just be  boys. As I was editing this shoot I was smiling & laughing a whole lot (I tend to do that a lot when I am shooting friends:) This is the 3rd time that I have done a shoot for this family so I feel like I have really been able to get to know them & watch them grow up. Hey Rockstar, thank you SO much for all of the encouragement & thank you for allowing me to capture these precious moments with your family!


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  • anne - (i am one of brooke’s friends, hi hope!). these pics make me want 3 boys immediately! you did a great great job of capturing this loving, happy, full of life family! i LOVE the first one. the sun flare on the parents is just magical and griffin’s face is just edible. i also LOVE the hand holding running one, and number 4! great styling too brooke (and hope?) as far as the wardrobe. love the casual, coordinating but not matchy-matchy & bold colors look (not to mention the crocs…essential!).

  • courtney - Hope, I love these pictures! Brooke, I miss seeing you at preschool this year, your family is beautiful!

  • lindsey - Brooke’s sister Lindsey here. LOVE these pics. especially of all the boys sitting on the board with Brooke & Mike standing behind. great job!