time flies

(Hope Bray – Charlotte Children’s Photographer)

where did the time go? I still remember moving to Charlotte a few years ago & going out to lunch with my friend, Sally. At the time we had 2 adorable little boys that were only 2 weeks apart. They quietly sat in their carriers while we ate lunch & caught up. Would that happen now?? I don’t think so!! Sally has since had another boy (adorable little Ryan) & I have the princess, Ellison. Chances of us ever having a peaceful, quiet lunch are well in the past:) These boys were a lot of fun to shoot  b/c they did everything “boyish!” Climbed on walls, ran around crazy, shimmied up trees, & by the end they were totally bored with us trying to make them smile & take their picture. Michael & Ryan really reminded me why I love boys so much.. they are so real, so boy & SO much fun!!!


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