bribery works best.

(Hope Bray – Charlotte Children’s Photographer)

at least that is what I told Caele when she asked me what to do when Rowan was not participating in the photo shoot. Really, he was just being a typical 4 year old – reminding me so much of my own son! What 4 year old willingly wants to say “cheese” for 1 whole hour when he could be playing in his own backyard?  When Caele asked me what to do to get Rowan to participate my answer was simple – bribery – candy to be specific. It worked like magic. I have a feeling we probably sent Rowan & his little brother, Ethan, into sugar shock after this shoot! Every smile got a smartie but it was so worth it! The pictures & smiles just kept getting better & better. I really enjoyed working with this family – it was a great welcome back after a week of vacation!



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