Braycation 2009

WAHOOO!!! We are finally home from our week long vacation & it was absolutely fabulous!!! Everywhere my kids turned they were referred to as “princess” & “knight” b/c we were in the amazing DISNEY WORLD all week! My kids were in heaven! I had expected a totally different reaction from them when they saw the castle in the Magic Kingdom for the first time but instead they were speechless. Some of the pictures below capture their sheer expressionless &  overwhelmed faces that first day – absolutely histerical!  Whenever I asked them what they thought they just could not even answer me. Three days, several princesses, Robin Hood & Hook’s, & Itzakadoozie popsicles later they finally came into their own. Ellison met Ariel on the first day & all she could talk about for the next 2 days was seeing her again. I finally took her back to see Ariel on the last day again. Trying to keep up a smile through the 99 degree weather & waiting in line forever was totally worth it to see the look on her face when she finally saw Ariel each time.. absolutely priceless. Each night we fell into bed thinking about all of the characters we saw that day, cotton candy we ate, water rides we loved (& hated), rollercoasters that left us wanting more, fireworks & spontaneous character shows we had seen that day. It was even overwhelming for me! That was probably the most fun my kids have ever had …. EVER! We booked the trip on Thursday & got there the following Tuesday.. absolutely worth the last minute craziness! We made some serious memories there… my favorite of them being the last night when we all watched a movie together in bed & laughed & laughed & laughed…. 🙂 I put together a slideshow of my favorite pictures b/c I simply could not bear to only pick 4 or 5 to put up. I hope you will get a feel of how special our family time was last week & how much it left me wanting more:)

(Be sure to click on the slideshow below if you want to see more pictures:)



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