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sheer joy

radiated from this couple last night. This is exactly the way that your wedding day should be…. inexpressible joy.  I am not even really able to describe in words the love that these two shared between each other. I had never met either of them until their wedding day and they had ME tearing up at the ceremony!  When I waved good-bye to Susannah as she left her reception I felt like I was waving goodbye to a longtime friend. I have no doubt that there were a roomful of people there last night who felt the same way:)  Susannah is one of those girls who is equally beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside (excuse me, I meant to say GORGEOUS on the inside & outside!)   And Chris.. oh my…. what an absolutely histerical & fun-to-be-with guy. As I was trying to corral the boys together to get them to take their groomsmen pictures, Chris was instructing all of the groomsmen to grab a “prop” for their pictures. With everything from raggedy anne dolls to giant lollipops & wooden stick horses, these guys had us in stitches. I have a feeling that Chris is normally a pretty entertaining & top-notch-stellar kind of guy.  Being with Susannah & Chris made me run home & want to give my husband a big hug & tell him how much I love him.  What an an absolutely wonderful couple to shoot for my first official wedding!!! I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I enjoyed being there:)



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