I have been known to take months to post pictures of our holidays here but here we have been back less than 24 hours & I am just itching to write down everything about our holiday so I don’t forget one single detail. 7 days in Fiji – no phones, no internet, no distractions. Just me, Chris & our 3 littles. It was seriously unreal – such a special vaca for every one of us. At the risk of sounding totally cheesy, I will tell you that Chris, Chase & I all shed a tear when our boat pulled away from the dock for the last time. Seeing all of the Fijian people lined up who we had come to know & love wave goodbye to us (with the kids waving back) was just all too much. Knowing that our our once-in-a-lifetime experience was over, there were certainly a few tears shed. However,  I overheard Chris tell many Fijians emphatically that we would be back, & I can only hope that he means it.


We spent the first 3 nights in Denerau which is the Fijian resorty area. It was everything that you would think a Fijian resort would be like, and so much more. We have been to several white sandy beaches with clear blue water, however the Fijian people are what made this experience SO much more than just a gorgeous beach. The Fijian people are just absolutely endearing. They adore children & always go out of their way to speak to them & play with them. Often they will just run up to you & take them out of your hands & lead them away just to play with them. We spent the first 3 days just enamored with the Fijian people, playing on the beautiful beaches, swimming in  the amazing pools, jet skiing, & going down the waterslides 5200 times. At night we would put the kids in Kids Club & we would go eat dinner & go to the after dinner entertainment where we would meet up with the kids. The last night we were able to watch Fijian fire dances on the beach where Fijian people would come out & do crazy dances while holding fire sticks & swinging them around. It was so wild the way they handled the fire & how fast they were able to twirl their fire sticks.

Mana Island

As if that wasn’t amazing enough, after 3 days on the main island, we headed off to another resort on a small Fijian island called Mana Island. As the ship pulled up to the island, I could not believe we were going to get to spend 3 whole days there in an ocean front beach bure. It totally fascinated me that they had a resort on this island. I could not get over the fact that all the materials to build & maintain everything on the island & all of the food they need to run the resort has to come in by ship from the main island daily. It took us a few hours to go just from the main island to Mana Island by boat. And when I say island, I mean “middle of Pacific, you can walk around it in 20 minutes kind of island”. Everyone who works on Mana spends 12 days on the island then goes back to the main island for 3 days. We met some of the most amazing people at our stay there. It was really really hot there (felt like home to me:) & while we were snorkeling, swimming, & relaxing, these Fijian people were just working away with the biggest smiles on their faces. They had huge hearts, these people. They loved our kids, and we loved them back. Kids Club was available for the kids during certain hours of the day. Morning, afternoon or evening sessions were available if the kids wanted to go spend time with other kids & the parents could get a bit of a break & spend time together too. Our kids loved kids club so much that they begged to go . We even offered  Ellison special time with just us while the other 2 were in Kids Club & she chose to go to Kids Club! I don’t blame her one bit. It wasn’t just some babysitting service – they did the most amazing things with the kids. Coconut hunting & lollie making, Fijian basket weaving, frog races, Fijian dances, snail races, crab races etc. At night the Kids Club would preform a show for the adults & it was always the highlight of our day. Chris & I got to eat dinner together alone every night as well as spend a few hours each day alone just hanging at the beach. One afternoon we took Chase out on a guided snorkeling trip. We took a boat out with a few other people to a sand bar which was right next to a giant reef. We snorkeled there in the clear blue water for hours. Chase had never been before & he was absolutely amazed. “Best day EVER” is what he kept saying over & over (of course each child said that at least 50 times while we were in Fiji). When we saw a tiger shark it was his double best day ever:)  I could go on & on & we have all been saying today how badly we wish that we could go back……right now!  It was honestly the most amazing vacation we have ever taken as a family & I know these memories neither our kids or us will never ever forget.


sweet sista’s

they both adore their Bubby (who apparently only owns one shirt:)

the number of times we went down this was somewhere in the 100’s or 1000’s:)


morning/afternoon tea is essential to good pool time

my girlies:))))))))


lucky ducks!

poolside paradise

one of the small resort islands on the way to Mana Island


Mana Island (our island:)

the Fijian welcome crew

this woman immediately grabbed Payton when we got off of the boat & Payton was totally in love w/ her the rest of the trip.

home sweet home

ocean view from our bure


C & E begged to have their hair braided like all of the other kids!

this is what we do to pass away the airport time

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  • Fiona - wow what a stunning trip! amazing pics too. Great compositions and colours. Can’t wait to check out your other pics. U must make family holiday albums. My boys love them. I use
    chat soon, fi