the trip of a lifetime – South Island, New Zealand

The South Island, NZ

I cannot believe that I am just now getting around to posting these pictures from the South Island. It has been such a whirlwind since Christmas! My parents were here for 2 weeks right after Christmas & the day they left we started hunting for a new house b/c we had to move out of ours. Seven days before we were due to move we found one & then school started, etc. Somehow “normal life” took over our blissful vacation life here. Now we are busy getting ready for Chris’s parents to arrive here on Sunday – we are SO excited!

The South Island was absolutely amazing & I have truly never seen anywhere like it in my life. Queenstown is my new favorite city in the whole world! We went  Whitewater rafting, Jet boating, took a gondala ride, went down The Luge, visited some hot springs pools, & took a train all the way across the span of the country while we were away. The kids were EXHAUSTED when we arrived back home. They were thrilled the day we got back to just chill out on their very own St. Heliers beach which has become home to them. I really missed my parents when they left – cried a lot that day. However, a few days later it was back to our daily life here which is really pretty amazing!. It is hard to believe that we only have a few short (and very busy) months left here. After Chris’s parents leave, a few friends from college arrive for a visit. Then early April we go on holiday in Fiji,  late June we are off to Australia,  & a few days after that we return home:)

We will be SO sad when we have to leave New Zealand. It has been such an incredible adventure not only for Chris & I, but for our kids as well. They have learned so much – how to be adaptable, how not everyone is exactly like them, & how different countries/cultures may be different from us but that is not a bad thing, just a different thing.  Chris & I keep saying “it’s all about the people you meet – that is what makes it so hard to leave.” We have moved around so much in the last 10 years & every city/country has a special place in our hearts. However, it is not usually how beautiful a place is or how good the weather is that makes us miss it when we are gone. It’s the people. That’s what we will really miss about New Zealand too – the people.  God always manages to put just the right people in our lives everywhere we have lived.  How hard it will be to leave the friends we have made here! They now have (& will always have) such a special place in our hearts. Thank you, God, for caring enough about the details of our lives to send us people who will be special to our hearts forever – no matter how far away. The right people at the right time – that’s our God. Cheers Cheers everyone!

North Head – Devonport

that girl loves her daddy

Playing the animal game – “I’m thinking of an animal that starts with the letter L….” This was shortly after the LICE outbreak in our house:)


Waiheke Island!

daddy’s shoulders are the girls favorite place to be



the bus stop to downtown is right outside our house – the kids love it!

love these guys:) Miss them so much.

this is SO the Chase man!

on the way to whitewater rafting trip

Queenstown – my favorite city in the whole world!!!

my girl loves the water. Bet she doesn’t even notice those mountains in front of her!

view from the Queenstown Luge


this picture is SO New Zealand – virtually untouched land.

Lake Wanaka!

daddy love

Mt. Cook!!

daddy of the year

wonder if they will ever see something like this again??

big brother absolutely adores his baby

love this lady.

this is so NZ!

Papoo & P


her smile always makes me smile – love my sweet girl!

Whitewater rafting in Queenstown!!

the whole family got to go!

I tried to fight it but he finally pushed me in:)



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  • Kat - Well now that I’m bawling my eyes out because I miss you guys so much…:(