christmas card 2012

Many of you are very aware of my obsession over Christmas cards. Generally starting in Aug/Sept. is when I start to plan for my Christmas card but I think about it all year long – what the kids will wear, if it will be the whole family, where we will do it, the date to take the pics, etc. It literally becomes an obsession. It is seriously my favorite thing that I do all year. Now I am sure that has something to do with the fact that I am a photographer but all that said I think that I take it WAY too seriously! Ironically, they never EVER turn out the way that I had hoped/expected them to. It was no different this year. I used to take hundreds of people’s family photos a year, many of them being for their Christmas cards. It never stressed me out or made me anxious when their kids acted out or did not pose exactly the way that I wanted them to. However, it completely sends me over the edge to take pictures of my own kids. If they act out it just makes me mad, and if the picture is not just how I had envisioned it then I get even more upset. The bottom line is that it is impossible to take pictures of my own kids. This year I decided to make it as least stressful as possible & to not worry one bit about the way they turned out.. I picked out their outfits in 1 hour, chose the location in 10 minutes, & took the pictures in 30 minutes. Were they the best pictures that I have ever taken? No –  (lighting was terrible & the wind was like a hurricane). Did we have fun taking them? Absolutely. And that’s all that counts. Sometimes when all else goes wrong, it is the memories that matter & we sure did make them that day. In fact, Payton asked me if we could go back & take them again the next day!! I am a HUGE fan of candid pictures & the way these pictures captures my family is exactly for who they are. I love these pictures not b/c of the lighting, the scenery, or the cute outfits. I love them b/c of the way they portray my sweet babies & their little personalities.  I know the pictures may not necessarily be my best work but those little guys in the picture ARE my best work… and God’s Masterpieces! Merry Christmas to all of our friends & family that are so very far away!! We love all of you & cannot wait to see you when we get back next summer!! XOXOXOXOXO!!!



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  • joanne ellison - Words cannot adequately express how touched I was to read what you said about God’s masterpiece– your kids.
    Yes, they are an amazing tribute to the glory of God. And you are one amazing mother.

  • Billy Ellison - Wow, your words brought tears to my eyes! They are so precious.

  • Lauren Wall - Hopie – I am so glad I happened to be on Facebook today. I know just what you mean; the most important outcome of the photo is the memory of the feeling you were having when the shutter snapped. Your children are beautiful and clearly very happy. Love to you all this Christmas!

  • anne - these make me smile!