waitomo glow worm caves

Now this was an adventure! Chase had his 7th birthday on September 30th. One of the things that he was dying to do even before we moved here was to go to the glow worm caves. So, I found this adorable little B&B online that we could stay at & we headed there last weekend. The scenery on the way there was absolutely stunning. There were rolling hills of green grass filled with cattle as far as your could see with little streams running through them. Chris was listening to the Braves game the whole way & I was breaking up fights in the backseat & catching up on Facebook. I love technology. We hit the Waitomo glow worm tour on the first day for a 3 hour tour. For the first part of the tour we walked into a cave that was completely dark with nothing but our head lamps on. When the tour guide told us to, we turned off our lamps & all around us were nothing but thousands of little glow worms lighting up the caves. Kind of gross but really kinda cool & the kids LOVED it! Then we stepped onto a small boat & again turned off our lamps & took the rest of the tour on a boat in total darkness & silence (well, besides Payton of course). Never seen anything like it EVER! We had a short afternoon tea then headed to the next cave by foot. The tour guide said he & his friend had personally found & excavated this cave over 4 months. He told us there are hundreds of unexplored caves in Watitomo & you could happen upon one at any time – crazy! After the tour we headed to the B&B. I guess we really were in the middle of nowhere in NZ b/c the B&B was actually someone’s home! Apparently that is normal here but it was really different to us. They live upstairs & we stayed downstairs. It worked out great though b/c she fed the kids dinner then our kids played in the playroom with their daughter while we ate dinner. We asked our hostess where to go the next day to see some sheep shearing & she sent us to her friend’s farm up the road.  The next morning, after a huge homemade breakfast (with leftover fresh eggs to take home), we headed to her friend’s farm. Her friends had just taken over the farm & had not advertised it yet so we were literally the only ones there. It was an unbelievable experience for all of us! The farm owner asked the kids to help her do some “chores” around the farm b/c she was getting ready to do them anyways. They all 3 got to feed baby lambs out of baby bottles, feed the cattle, & then help to shear a rabbit (she did not have any lambs to shear)! After all of that she let the kids ride her horse. It was wild! Definitely a once- in-a-lifetime opportunity for all of us. We feel so beyond blessed to have the opportunity to live here so we are trying to make the most out of every experience. I heart NZ:)

getting ready to go caving!

this picture cracks me up!

my little jet-setters

nothing like this little P!

getting their instructions for the cave

their favorite treat:)

this horse loved Chase & followed him around everywhere!

how cute!

that smile lasted a really long time..

We called this the Wildabeast. When he tried to bite Chase we were laughing so hard!

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  • brooke - amazing!!! love the unexpected/solo farm adventure!! dying imagining your faces (or hidden expressions?!) when you realized you were in someone’s home. haha FUN!!

  • Maggie - OMG HOPE this is amazing!!! What fun and what MAGNIFICENT country you are able to witness and enjoy! You are truly blessed and making the most of this incredible opportunity!! So HAPPY for all of you! The kids look so precious, I miss them and you SOOO much!!!! Love and misss you all!!! Maggie