We visited Piha several weeks ago on one of our “adventure Saturdays.” It was cold & rainy & not the best day to go to the beach but we decided to go for it anyways. It was well worth the hour drive (and the cold) through some pretty rough roads! Literally right when we pulled up at the beach the rain cleared up & we had a picnic before we hit the beach. The kids had so much fun exploring & climbing on the rocks for hours! Piha is known to be a pretty rough, wild, & rugged west coast beach. There are rip currents there & it is a very unsafe place to swim. In fact, there is a show in NZ called Piha Rescue where they tell all of the stories of people who get into trouble at Piha & need to be rescued. Thankfully it was not warm enough for us to swim that day! We finally found a spot where we could climb all the way to the top of one of the rocks that overlooked the ocean. Chris & I took turns climbing up there with Chase & Ellison. When I finally got to the top of the hill, I just looked out across at the ocean for a while. Although you cannot see Australia from Piha, it was crazy to me knowing that it was thousands of miles away right from where I was standing. It also made me realize how far we were from the US, & everything we know to be “home.” The whole time we were climbing I kept hearing that song in my head by Gungor called “Beautiful Things.”  I sang it over & over in my head thinking about how God really does make beautiful things out of the dust. When I was looking at all He had made around me in Piha, I was just in awe. Everything was so big & so beautiful that I know it could only be created by Him. When I started to walk down from the hill, Chris & the kids had left me a little message in the sand. I love them. SO so much!



this girl LOVES her daddy

my boys


this is so VERY P!

my favorite picture of all


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  • joanne ellison - The pics are amazing. But when I got to the last one with I love you Mom I lost it! What an amazing family and what an amazing God to create such beautiful things! By the way I heard Gungor sing that in concert last week (Beautiful things) Was fabulous!

  • Leigh Wey - Adorable and beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing!