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it has been quite a while since I have posted & there is good reason for that. My family is coming to NZ in Jan. & I have been very busy planning our trip to the South Island. As a mom we have so little free time anyways but these days all of my free time has gone to planning what is turning out to be an amazing trip to the part of New Zealand where Lord of the Rings was filmed. I cannot wait!

Anyhow, wanted to share with you what we have been up to. We are only here for 1 year & there is so much to see that we feel like we need to make the most out of every moment. That is why we came up with Family Adventure Saturdays. Basically, every Saturday we find a place to take the family that is new & exciting. It can be an hour or so away or it can be 5 minutes away – as long as it is fun & we have not done it before we are game to go. It looks like I have some catching up to do on the blog about Adventure Saturdays as I have not posted in a few weeks!

A few Saturdays ago we went to a place called Devonport that is only 20 min. & 1 bridge away. The kids absolutely loved it! On this small island town there are caves with tons of tunnels in them that date back to WWII. We told the kids they could bring their torches (flashlights) & we could go exploring through the caves. They were in heaven! The weather was pretty crummy that day so whenever the rain started we would hide out in the caves until the rain passed over. It actually rains in Auckland EVERY day – literally. However, the good thing about the rain here is that you never know it is coming & before you know it, it is gone & the sun is shining again. Makes it a little bit difficult when you line dry your clothes, but we make do:)  Because we live in St. Heliers (on the coast), we can look out from our beach & see  the Devonport coast. Whenever I go running along the bay I look over at Devonport & smile when I think about our day there. Like many of our other adventures here it was only a few hours but I think it is one day that none of us will ever forget.

And to the story of the mysterious greeting card. Many of you that read this blog are on facebook & many are not. So I have to apologize if you are on facebook &  have heard this story before but I wanted to repost it for the friends who are not on facebook. Some of you know that I used to have a photography business in Charlotte, NC. It was really a lot of fun for me & there are days when I really miss shooting as much as I did back then. When we get settled back in Greenville next year then I might pick it back up but for now I am just enjoying shooting my own sweet family & our fun memories as an American family living in New Zealand. Last year, when we moved to San Diego I was contacted by a graphic design company asking if they could use a picture that I took in NC for some greeting cards & calendars. I agreed thinking that they would be distributed in Rite Aid or Walgreens – things that I see there but never would actually buy. Well, forward one move to New Zealand & it is a different story entirely. I walked into a little gift shop in the village that I go to often. I was buying something small to put in a care package that we were sending back to the US for my nephew’s birthday. When I went to pay I glanced up b/c something caught my eye. I double took then walked over to it. It was a picture that I had taken back in Charlotte on a greeting card in New Zealand! What?? I immediately recognized the picture but could not get over that it had made it all the way here?? I was in such shock that I told the clerk that I had taken the picture on that greeting card. I don’t think she believed me b/c she picked up the greeting card & turned it over & said “is this your name on the back?” Yep, it sure was! I cannot even begin to tell you what a strange feeling it was so be in a different country & see your work for sale there. I did buy the card & I posted pictures below so you could see. Check out the price!!! I cannot believe they are selling it for so much but then again EVERYTHING is expensive here!!! I have some more “Adventure Saturdays” pictures to post so will update again soon – until then, love to you all!

ps – if  you don’t hear from me for a while it is b/c my kids are on “holiday.” The kids are in year round school here which I really find quite nice. They go for 10 weeks at a time & then get a 2 week break. The cool thing about NZ is that during those 2 weeks if you can’t “holiday” with your family (which most people do go away) then there are TONS of camps, activities, etc. for your kids to do. My kids are in tennis camp this week in the mornings & then this weekend we are headed to Waitomo to see the glow worm caves  – yahoo! Next week we are going to stay at a friend’s bach (vacation home) in Coromandel peninsula. It is where part of Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian was filmed. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited for our holiday!!!

my everything:)

another one of Chase’s masterpiece’s

sister love

can you tell who are the only kids that will let me take their picture?

the 3 bandits.

getting ready to go in the caves

this could be trouble for the girls

until they get their own cannons..

we call this “little boy heaven”

greeting card cover!

inside of card

check out the name & then check out the price!!


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