the package

I never thought we would actually get to see this package. My mom asked us a few weeks ago what the kids were missing back home. SO, the kids (and myself) came up with a fairly lengthy list & sent it to her. I never actually thought she would buy EVERYTHING on the list – but she did. What a good granny:) So when it had not arrived after a week she started to get concerned. I told her not to worry about it because packages usually take up to 2 weeks to get here. So, after 2 weeks she called me & informed me that she had sent it to the WRONG address! Apparently I had emailed her the wrong address when I first got here & was delirious. So, Payton & I went on a mission that day to find the box. She told me the address that she had sent it to so I was determined to go down there & get my box back. I walked up my street until I found 5 Maskell St. The coffee shop – I should have known b/c this is my favorite coffee shop – of course she would send it there!  I explained to the nice ladies working in there what had happened & asked them that if they saw a massive package from America addressed to my kids to PLEASE let us know. After that I decided it would be a good idea to also stop any postal carrier that I could find & tell them the story. The first one did not speak English so that did not work out very well. The following day I went down the the village with the kids after school to get some books from the library. When I was down there I saw a different postal carrier service. I explained to him what had happened to the mysterious box. He told me that if he found it that he could not deliver it to me b/c it was addressed to 5 Maskell St., not my address…uugh.  Then as he was walking away (in true Kiwi style) he winked at me & said “but if it has your name on it & is addressed to the coffee shop then I will bring it to you.” I love Kiwis. So, the next morning that same man showed up on my doorstep with a giant smile & my giant box. Everything that we miss from the US was right there in that box. My kids went absolutely crazy after school when they ripped into it. Thank you, Yiayia & Papoo! We are SO happy to have that box!


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  • Maggie - OMG HOW SWEET IS THAT?!!!
    Miss that sweet precious mom of your too!!!

  • joanne ellison - I loved seeing their faces open the box!! My friends still laugh that I sent p-nut butter. Don’t they have p-nut butter in New Zealand. Yes but not what my grandchildren like. I tell them: “wait until you have grandchildren. You will understand!”

  • anne - this is too much! love kiwi peeps and love your mom for doing this. 🙂