first day of school!

I know that many mums might be sad when their kids first start back to school. Perhaps sad that summer had come to an end or that their kids are starting a new school year & growing up too fast. I, however, am ECSTATIC!!!!

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  • brooke - love!! what about p? is there preschool for her?

  • Dot Dot - How exciting. You both look great! Can’t wait to hear about your new school and friends.

    Dot Dot

  • Heather Mattice - Hope & Chris your children are truly blessed to have such great parents! Hope your photography is just amazing!

  • Laura - Oh happy day!! Hooray for all of you!! Love the pics! Their uniforms are adorable!!! Anabelle saw the pics and said “their uniforms look so GOOOD!!!” Hope they have a fun first day!!

  • misty winn - too cute, i tell you chase is getting more and more handsome! he is gonna be a heart breaker…(looks like his daddy with a little bit of mommy’s sparkle in his eye.) they looks so much alike to me know. where is my payton? love you!

  • Lydia - Oh my GOSH – I just told Clay that I want to send our kids to school in New Zealand because their uniforms are so adorable! Ellison and Chase look absolutely precious! Hope they had fun!

  • Tiff - Your kiddos could not be any more precious!!!! Love the uniforms! They look like they are having a great time!!! You’re the greatest Mama. Redneck and all… 🙂