eric & liz

The scenery in San Diego is absolutely stunning. I grew up on the coast so I have a special love for the beach in my heart but the Pacific coast is nothing like the East Coast. It is an absolute photographer’s dream. I was so happy to have to opportunity to do this engagement shoot last weekend. This is an area called “wind & sea” which is on the coast of La Jolla Shores. I mean, really – pair this beauty with a couple who is equally as beautiful & you have some pretty swanky pictures. Eric is out here doing a fellowship for one year just like Chris. His beautiful fiance, Liz, and & I have been able to spend a lot of time together commiserating about how much the boys work here & the boys obviously spend every waking moment together:) However, it has made for an awesome friendship between all of us. When they leave here in the next few months they are headed off to get married then settle down in NYC. Because that happens to be one of our favorite cities in the US then I know I will see them back on the east coast very soon! Eric & Liz – we wish you the best of luck – I cannot tell you how happy we were to get to spend this year getting to know you both. You will definitely be missed by the Bray family!

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