what I am truly thankful for.

WOW. It has been so long since I have posted on this blog that I was having to try several passwords to get onto the site & then remind myself of how to even upload photos! To someone who spent a countless number of hours behind this computer editing/uploading photos, that just sounds crazy to me! My lack of blog time just reminds me of how amazingly wonderful the past 4.5 months have been & how God has allowed me to take some time away from work &  just soak it all in. Don’t get me wrong – when I picked up my camera to do this shoot I had a wave of nostalgia come over me & remind me of all of the trillions of hours that I have logged behind that camera. I miss it, I really, really do but God has carved out this time for me for something greater, something SO much greater.

I want you to meet the Campbell’s. A few short months ago they were strangers to me. Now their hearts will forever be imprinted on my heart b/c of the greater plan that our God had to cross our paths with theirs in this huge city called San Diego. Ironically, Chris knew Kevin from playing basketball together years ago in middle school. Kevin & Susan answered the call to start a church in San Diego 4 years ago (http://www.elevatesandiego.com)  & moved out here with their family. They were some of our first friends here & now some of our best friends for life. They are so near & dear to us that my heart already aches with the thought of ever having to say good-bye. The way that this church has challenged & pushed us & stretched our hearts is unexplainable. Clearly God wanted us to be in San Diego, clearly God wanted us to be at Elevate Church, & clearly God wanted us to do life with The Campbell’s. For His master plan that I cannot even begin to understand, I am truly & eternally THANKFUL….

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  • brooke - hope — love these photos/what a beautiful family! love hearing about your life, your heart, the friendships the Lord has hand-picked for you. xo

  • anne - hey!! good to hear from you 🙂 so glad you have made such wonderful friends. these are awesome…man what a pretty setting you are in!

  • bethany - These pictures are gorgeous Hope! What a great beautiful family inside and out!

  • sarah - Hope this makes me SO very happy. I love these pictures and now even these strangers because of what they represent. Miss you so much sweet friend.

  • Caroline - The pictures are beautiful! Can’t wait to catch up and here more about this in a few weeks!

  • Kate Lee - hey! yeay…so glad to see you are back…maybe a sign of getting settled? this are amazing…i love the west coast look…such a different perspective. gorgeous family helps too!