the very last one

(Hope Bray – Charlotte Children’s Photographer)

Well, this is it. The very last shoot that I will post in Charlotte. What an awesome note to end on. I love Beth & have especially enjoyed getting to know her extended family. For Christmas she gave each set of grandparents a photo shoot. How fun is that? During our shoots I have been able to spend some time with both sides of her family & they are all precious. Thank you, Beth & Co., for making this such a fun shoot to end on!

The boxes are starting to crowd my house & we have only weeks to go:(.  Please continue to check back as I will have some updates from our move posted in the next few weeks. I am planning on keeping up my site but mainly with pictures of our adventures in San Diego & New Zealand. We will miss you all very very much!

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  • Brooke - hate the name of this post (strong sentiment – but its true). LOVE the photos. these pics are so, so, so, so fun!! what a great gift to the grandparents!!

  • anne - love that b&w one. tear. this makes me sad 🙁

  • audra bender - I did not even know you were moving! You are going to two of the most beautiful places on the planet. You and your family are going to have a blast. Soak in all that beauty and enjoy every bit of it. God bless you and your munchkins.

  • audra bender - oh and i love number two, three and the black and white. cute.