a brief “pause”

(Hope Bray – Charlotte Children’s Photographer)

Every January & February I take a little time off from work to catch up on personal things & really to just rest. The fall is so crazy  busy for me with shoots that it is really nice to just sit back & relax for a while. Yes, it was nice the past few years, however, that is NOT at all what I did this year. I was way too busy decluttering the house, taking things to Goodwill, painting, fixing, & posting things on Craigs List. Although I hate to even type this b/c it makes it all too real – we are moving. In 4 short months we are packing up & moving our family across the country to San Diego. Twelve months after that we are packing up again & moving 1/2 way across the world to New Zealand. I know… NEW ZEALAND!!!! There is so much excitement that I am feeling inside but with that comes so much sadness to leave life as we know it here in Charlotte – our friends, our family, our life. I know that God has great things planned for us on this journey & we are all full of excitement & anticipation for what is to come but also feeling such a sense of loss for what we are leaving behind. SO… for that reason I have been a bit absent lately. We put our house on the market 3 weeks ago & the whirwind has not died down yet. For all of the reasons that I mentioned above I have decided only to shoot this spring in March & April & during those months to take on a very limited amount of clients. Not knowing where we will be living/doing in May & June make it difficult for me to commit to shoots here in Charlotte. As far as working in San Diego I have decided to limit myself there too. We have so much transition coming our way in the next few years that I have decided to spend my time focusing on my family. Don’t get me wrong – I will def. still be shooting – just might look a bit different. I have even considered documenting our travels/adventures right here on this website. Nevertheless, I will still be shooting – just mainly 3 little subjects:) I am telling you all this just to keep you in the loop. Several of you out there have been following this blog since I was known as Blink Photography (seems ages ago) so I didn’t want to leave you in the dark. Please stay in touch & keep up with this journey with me!

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  • Brooke - will miss you greatly, but know the Lord has great plans in store for the bray family! loved that we got to spend this past weekend together. i know that you will be “purposeful, practical, and poised” in all of your upcoming adventures. xo

  • anne - oh man i could tear up about this! please please document your move and travel! i will follow every step! i will miss you and your kiddos 🙁

  • Ashley - Hi, I knew about the San Diego part, but not the New Zealand!! What are you going to be doing there and how long do you plan to live abroad?? That is a pretty spectacular opportunity!! WOW!! Hope to talk/see you one day soon!!