the moons

(Hope Bray – Charlotte Children’s Photographer)

well, what can I say? I am totally 100% in love with these pictures. Before I even took them I knew that I would love them. A great location is key to a great shoot. And a great family…. well that is just a plus. Lucky me I got both this time! As I was editing these photos (and could not stop) I just kept thinking, “what a beautiful family!!” I love this family & I love our connections with them..

Lisa & I were in Lifegroup together for 2 years

Logan & Chris are in men’s group together

Ellison calls Ashley “headband girl”

Chase calls Cole “cold”

Lisa & I were pregnant with Knox & Payton at the same time & shared all of our pregnancy woes with each other:)

Our whole family loves that the Moons are a part of our lives & I felt so honored to do this shoot for them!

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  • Lisa Moon - OMGosh Hope! I am so in love with every single picture! You did a fantastic job and we had such a fun time acting silly! You captured my kid’s personalities perfect and I am so grateful for these pictures! Thank you and love you! 🙂 Lisa

  • anne - love lisa and her fam. these are great-one of my faves is ashley striking a pose. missin see you at ph! been on and off b/c of eve’s naps. boo.

  • Misty Winn - Hope,
    LOVE LOVE LOVE these pictures of the Moon family, not to mention I love the Moon family period…Great colors and you really did capture their personalities.