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(Hope Bray – Charlotte Children’s Photographer)

this is why I love facebook…

My friend Allison (in Texas) sends a message to her cousin, Kelly (in Texas) & asks for a photographer’s name on facebook. Allison said she just moved from Charlotte & knows a photographer there (me) & that when Kelly goes back to Charlotte to visit her family sometime maybe she could fit in a shoot. Lucky me… because of facebook I got the opportunity to shoot these 2 adorable brothers & meet their fabulous mom. I know there are some facebook skeptics out there but not this girl… I love it!

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  • Brooke - oh my goodness — these are so cute!! love the kids in the tractors (love the tears, too :). love that they changed spots and that there were even tears in the driving position. haha LOVE the kiddos in the chairs and I really love that the chairs are different. those pics are perfect.

  • anne - Love the crying babe and the chubby legs. the Tractor is brilliant.

  • aly - SO CUTE! I knew she had called you and i am so excited i got to see some of the precious pics!! you are SO AWESOME!! my favorite pictures of the boys are still the ones you took of them!! too bad you can’t fly down to LA and do some more!!!!you are so talented!!