roadtrip 2010

(Hope Bray – Charlotte Children’s Photographer)

one of the things that I love the most about doing family shoots is to see how much parents adore their children. I mean every parent thinks that their child is the best thing since sliced bread, right? The way they look at them & smile at them & laugh when they do something cute is just the sweetest thing to watch. Ethan is one loved boy. When I left this shoot I had a smile on my face. First reason – this family rocks & I left with 2 more friends in this world.  Second reason – I love the way they loved on Ethan. Priceless. They are so proud of him (as they should be) & it shows. This family traveled all the way from Raleigh to do their shoot so I hope that you guys thought it was worth it – I sure did!!

FYI – Just in case you missed one of my earlier posts about my new schedule…

One of my new “rules to self” of being a mom of 3 is to maintain sanity. I am a go-getter & a perfectionist to the 10th degree. Therefore I have set limits on myself to maintain some sort of  work/life /sanity balance. I have decided to only do 1 shoot/week so I that I might actually have a chance at getting some sleep at night:) Because of that my fall is almost booked. If you are thinking about doing a fall session then please email me now or it might be too late!!

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  • Brooke - LOVE these pics – NoDa?

  • Ethan's G-ma - These pictures are fabulous and you totally captured the love and joy here. I am so glad they found you to do these pics – G-pa and I love them! I will be calling to set up a shoot for the two of us for next year! Wonderful job!