she’s perfect.

(Hope Bray – Charlotte Children’s Photographer)

from head to toe. Absolutely perfect. Her tiny toes, little dot nose, & pretty pink lips. She is so squishy & loveable you just can’t get enough of her! I met this sweet baby, Hadley, on Father’s Day. Being that this was her father’s first official Father’s Day I am assuming that no golf bag, golf clubs, shirts, or ties will ever top the gift he received this year of becoming a dad. Her parents were absolutely smitten with her, of course. Since her & Payton were born only weeks apart it sent my mind spinning. They were born in the same year.. only 2 weeks apart, & live only miles apart.  I wonder if they will ever know each other? Have tea parties together? Be in the same class in school? Play on the same tennis team?  College roomates? I know.. totally crazy thoughts but as a mom you do tend to daydream about your kids future, don’t you? Well, I loved Hadley & I would be so happy if her & Payton were friends one day. Happy First Father’s Day to the proud mom & pop!

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