“the new baby”

(Hope Bray – Charlotte Children’s Photographer)

“the new baby” is what my kids call her… still. Sometimes they call her “gus” or “hockey” but usually it is just “new baby.” She is 7 weeks old & she has a name (Payton) but they will call her “the new baby.” I think it is b/c we decided not to find out what she was & so before she was born we all just referred to her as “the new baby.” But really? FOUR weeks later? I think it is pretty funny:) They do absolutely adore her though… they do the “baby hunt” every morning when they come downstairs & look for her everywhere,  & they adorn her tiny hands with Silly Bandz & kisses everyday. Chase says that the heart shaped silly band is hers b/c she is his sweetie:) I feel a bit stressed out b/c she is growing out of the newborn phase SO fast & I don’t feel like I have enough “newborn” pictures of her. So far I have taken 1370 pictures (according to my computer) but somehow it is not enough – he he! Here are a few of the most recent ones of “the new baby.”

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  • Libby Profeta - Hope,

    Payton is just beautiful. She has changed so much since I saw her last. I have been thinking about you and wanting to stop by, but I can only imagine how hectic your days are and don’t want to impose. I’d love to get together with you soon – when you can. Glad all is going well with “the new baby”, Chase and Ellison. 🙂

  • Brooke - Hope – these pictures are so precious. Feel like they are all favorites but just love the ones in the bookshelf, right down to the top two books on the stack of books next to her. makes it even more perfect. love all the expressions in the last group shot – can just see those 3 having much fun together for many years to come.

  • aly - xoxoxoxox! i love these too!!I feel ike I have gotten to see almost all of my favorite charlotte peeps!! aly