and then there were FIVE!!!

(Hope Bray – Charlotte Children’s Photographer)

Meet the newest member of the Bray family, PAYTON ELIZABETH BRAY. She was born on May 17th & weighed in at 7 lbs. 8 oz – my smallest baby yet. She was born almost 3 weeks ago & we are head over heels in love with her!!! She is seriously my easiest baby yet (which is great for #3!) I cannot even believe it has taken me this long to post pictures but I think I forgot how busy I would be with a newborn. I thought for sure I would be up & running within a few days but this baby has knocked me off my rocker!  Our family & friends have been unbelievable to us right now. They have all come up to help, offered time for me to get away (or even just sleep), brought meals, taken my kids for the afternoon…. you name it they have done it! We feel so overwhelmed & so loved at the same time… I do not think I could have made it without them! Life is definitely different with three kids but we love it! Welcome to this crazy family, Payton!  We are so glad you are finally here & we love you sweet baby girl!

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  • Sarah Pay - No comment could do these sweet pictures justice. I seriously cannot believe how unbelievably precious she is. I hope she keeps sleeping like that for a long time! Love you Brays!

  • Misty Winn - Hope,
    I love these! Especially the one of Chris and Chase looking at Payton, Chase looks so sweet and happy! What a beautiful family!

  • Claire Eckert - Congrats Hopie!! She is so adorable!! Thanks for sharing: I was wondering how the delivery went! We have moved to Richmond, VA- chris is running a chick fil A up here: we love it here. Take care!! love you.

  • brooke - She is precious, Hope! So glad she’s been ‘easy’ – sounds like a classic laid-back 3rd child. 🙂 Can’t wait to meet her!

  • Angel - Hope and Chris,
    She is absolutely beautiful!!! Can’t wait to meet her in person!!!

  • miranda - oh hope, she’s so adorable – and so relaxed in every picture!! i know you’re loving all that sweet baby smelling goodness. so happy for you guys!

  • Anna Weaver - Congrats! I am so happy for you, Hopie!

  • Jen - Oh, Hope, she’s perfect. Congratulations!

  • Allison Reed - Hope! I can’t believe I am just now seeing these pictures! She is beautiful (not that I ever expected her to be anything less)! I am so glad you all are doing well. Emerson was born May 19th…great time to have a little one if I say so. Miss you guys so much. Send lots of love to your family from me! Congrats.

  • Aunt Mary - Hope and Chris- what an adorable addition to that beautiful family of yours- she looks just like an Ellison! Time to bring those babies up to see Aunt Mary!