the blonde-haired haley

(Hope Bray – Charlotte Photographer)

is what my kids call her. You see, they used to have two babysitters named Haley – the brown-haired Hailey & the blonde-haired Haley. Meet the blonde-haired Haley… gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!! If you ever set up a photoshoot with me in the late evening or  early in the morning (especially on the weekends) then this is generally who keeps my kids. They love her – how could they not? She practically lived over here last summer & since she loves babies so much I am counting on her help for sure when the littlest bambino arrives in a few weeks:) Unfortunately for me Haley is off to college next year… BOO!  To all you single men out there I will go ahead & save you an email… Haley is just in high school so back off!!


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