a boy & his dog

(Hope Bray – Charlotte Children’s Photographer)

usually I bring along a few bribes to make sure that kids have something to work for when I do a photoshoot. I NEVER would have thought that the family dog would do the trick! However, I guess it only makes sense that you cannot separate a boy from his dog… I should know w/ mine:) So when Thomas’s dog came along it was the perfect bribe to get his smiles rolling in front of the camera. Treat after treat he fed to the dog & smile after smile we got… it was perfect! So next time I will have to remember to skip the candy & bring our dog, Hallie, along – less cavities, right??


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  • Dao - Hello Hope. I came across your website through a friend’s facebook. I love your photography! you are very talented. i like the location of this shoot. The run down building really gives the pictures an interesting feel, is this somewhere in charlotte?