location, location, location…. and lighting

(Hope Bray – Charlotte Children’s Photographer)

for anyone who has ever asked me what the most important thing they need to know about their shoot is then ask no longer, here are your answers… location & lighting. This shoot proves my point to a T! I was SO happy when one of my favorite families in charlotte decided to go for it & do an early morning shoot. I know.. 7:30am is VERY early (even for me) but wouldn’t you say this was worth it??? The sun was just fantastic  – lighting up the backs of their heads just perfectly & the location.. ahhhh. I had been trying to get a family to do their shoot here & I was so glad when they agreed. All of that coupled with one of my favorite families in the world behind my camera made me a very happy lady when I was editing these. So… if you are questioning whether you want to drag your kids out of bed this early or not, question no more…. just do it!!


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  • jen hunt - Yummy light..yummier subjects. xo