the band of brothers

(Hope Bray – Charlotte Children’s Photographer)

Friday was my 32nd birthday. I was not excited at all but it actually turned out to be an awesome birthday weekend. The fun started Friday with the “band of brothers” class shoot. This “band of brothers” as their teacher, Wendy, affectionately calls them are TIGHT with a capital T!! This is it… only 6 boys with one saintly teacher, Mrs. Wendy – no girls except for her. How has she done it all year long? These boys absolutely adore her (as do all of the parents) & they really are as close as brothers. We hear that at lunchtime they all share their lunches with one another. I even heard that one of the boys had 1 oreo in his lunchbox & he split it in 1/2 so that Chase could have some. I would say for a 4 year old that is a REALLY big selfless sacrifice. This shoot was done to honor their fearless leader, Mrs. Wendy. We are putting a book together for her as her end of the year gift. She deserves WAY more than this book but this is the least we could do to say “thank you” to a woman who has endured much more testesterone than I am sure she ever wanted to. From all the moms to Mrs. Wendy, we just want to say Thank You Mrs. Wendy!!! Thank you for loving our boys & for teaching them not only about reading & writing but about Jesus just by the way you love them!! One day we will show Mrs. Wendy this post but for now…. SSSSHHHHHH!!!!


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