a blogging hiatus

AH!!! It feels like forever since I have blogged! There is a good reason for that…. I have been working on my NEW & IMPROVED website!! What do you think?? I have been thinking about it for some time but finally decided to take the plunge when a few clients said that my old website was having trouble loading. Hopefully this new site will be more user friendly  & easier to navigate. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment in the section below… glad to be back!!

ps – I have several new family shoots & weddings from june & july to share with you so be sure to check out all of the updates!!

pss – I just HAD to attach a picture of my daughter’s camera. It is the sweetest thing ever! She carries it around with her wherever she goes. & when you click it says “you’re as pretty as a princess” & “you look wonderful!” I wish my camera would say that.. I think clients would LOVE it! Ok, enough fun… back to editing what feels like thousands of photos.. I am SO far behind:)

IMG_2686IMG_2678bootsmy favorite new purchase… LOVE THEM ( & they do too:)

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  • Lindsey - no way!!!! elle belle is seriously the coolest chick around town.

  • Haley - Awh i love this:)

  • courtney - Love the new site!