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the package

I never thought we would actually get to see this package. My mom asked us a few weeks ago what the kids were missing back home. SO, the kids (and myself) came up with a fairly lengthy list & sent it to her. I never actually thought she would buy EVERYTHING on the list –…

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  • Maggie - OMG HOW SWEET IS THAT?!!!
    Miss that sweet precious mom of your too!!!

  • joanne ellison - I loved seeing their faces open the box!! My friends still laugh that I sent p-nut butter. Don’t they have p-nut butter in New Zealand. Yes but not what my grandchildren like. I tell them: “wait until you have grandchildren. You will understand!”

  • anne - this is too much! love kiwi peeps and love your mom for doing this. 🙂

a day in Paradise

I met Mandy the second week that I moved here. I was DESPERATE to get my kids into school – could.not.wait. So, I marched myself on down to the school to talk to the principal. He explained to me that he was obsessed with American football & that every other American had brought him an…

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  • brooke - Oh my word — amazing!!! pics/location are amazing. LOVE that you’ve already found a local BF family (and one that wears lulu!!). the lord is good.

  • Billy - Love these photos! What an incredible time for the you and the kids! Miss you guys and can’t wait to hear more.

  • Leigh Wey - I am so so so happy for you!!!! Sounds great! What an adventure!
    Love ya!! Bif

  • Maggie - Omg Hope, WOW spectacular!!!
    You all,look great and so happy!!!
    So HAPPY for you!!
    Miss and love you back in the states!!!!

  • Marmie - The pictures are spectacular! Can’t wait to see all those gorgeous places. Looks like a heavenly day with friends and family!!! Love it! Really enjoying the blog!!!XO

  • joanne ellison - Everyone looks so happy. What a great experience for you guys!

  • Mandy Allbritton - HOPE! Your pictures are seriously a-MAZING. And I <3 your account too! You are making me want to journal more, to savor these moments in this exotic, crazy, slow-paced, family-friendly other-side-of-the-world. So glad we met!! xx AND PS your pictures are seriously seriously so awesome.

  • misty winn - love love love your blog, miss miss miss your laugh and smile. as always beautiful pictures, i think chase might follow in his mommies footsteps with those pictures of his! keep the posts and pictures coming, they make me happy to know you are happy! xox to you and that handsome family of yours!

  • Jodi - oh my gosh, Hope – I LOVE this! Thanks so much for your sharing! The pictures are amazing. You all look great and so happy! I got a little teary eyed reading all the blogs – I’m so happy for you guys. What a blessed experience you all are having. Makes me want to visit – what a beautiful country!