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what I love about NZ…

Truthfully, I an enamored with this country. Really, everyday that I am here I let someone else that lives here know how awesome their country is. They usually want to know exactly what I love about it. So here is a short (but not exclusive) list of what I love about living here so far……

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  • Laura - Love all the updates Hope!! It is absolutely gorgeous there!! Love all the pics! Hugs to everyone!

  • Rose Marie - So amazing! Love seeing photos. Miss y’all so much! XO

  • joanne ellison - Honestly it makes my heart sing as your “Mum” to read this and see the pictures. I LOVE that you love it so much there. An answer to prayer for sure!

  • Maggie - OMG WOW. Could NOT be happier for the Bray crew to be loving their new temporary home so much!!!! LOVE reading the updates and the pictures so much, makes it feel like you are NOT so far away!!! Really really happy that Chris has a reasonable schedule after his last 6 years!!! FABULOUS!!! Love and miss you all so much!!

  • anne - love love this hope. you are so fortunate. can’t even get over P. she has grown so much and has 5X the hair as eve. thanks for the pics!

  • Tiff - How beautiful is that!! Your children are absolutely beautiful and they look like they are having a great time! I’m so glad you like it as much as you do. It sounds like an amazing place. Keep sharing, loving it! Hugs!

first day of school!

I know that many mums might be sad when their kids first start back to school. Perhaps sad that summer had come to an end or that their kids are starting a new school year & growing up too fast. I, however, am ECSTATIC!!!!

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  • brooke - love!! what about p? is there preschool for her?

  • Dot Dot - How exciting. You both look great! Can’t wait to hear about your new school and friends.

    Dot Dot

  • Heather Mattice - Hope & Chris your children are truly blessed to have such great parents! Hope your photography is just amazing!

  • Laura - Oh happy day!! Hooray for all of you!! Love the pics! Their uniforms are adorable!!! Anabelle saw the pics and said “their uniforms look so GOOOD!!!” Hope they have a fun first day!!

  • misty winn - too cute, i tell you chase is getting more and more handsome! he is gonna be a heart breaker…(looks like his daddy with a little bit of mommy’s sparkle in his eye.) they looks so much alike to me know. where is my payton? love you!

  • Lydia - Oh my GOSH – I just told Clay that I want to send our kids to school in New Zealand because their uniforms are so adorable! Ellison and Chase look absolutely precious! Hope they had fun!

  • Tiff - Your kiddos could not be any more precious!!!! Love the uniforms! They look like they are having a great time!!! You’re the greatest Mama. Redneck and all… πŸ™‚

the latest adventures

so I am LOVING having a blog again! I have really enjoyed each & every one of your comments! Please keep them coming as it really helps me still feel connected with everyone. So.. what has been going on lately? Well, too much to write in one blog but I will do my best to…

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  • Amy Savage - So glad to hear that you are getting settled!! I didn’t know that you’re a photog!! Cool!!

  • Anne willette - Have loved keeping up with y’all! Gonna need a pic of the Sunhats!

  • Lynne McIntosh - You are my Mom in reverse! I am your child and remembering my perspective when we moved from England to the United States. I was excited, a little nervous that many things had different names, felt special because everyone wanted to hear my funny accent, and I made friends in a nano second! Have a great time being exposed to a whole new world and bringing a world to the people who you are with.

  • brooke - that pic of the kids is awesome!! love this adventure that you are on. and love that everyone loves your accent. πŸ™‚ xoxo

  • Laura - Love all the updates Hope!! I can relate in soooo many ways!!! Finding lots of similar adventures in Montreal!! Hugs to you all!!!

  • Caroline - Congrats on your house! Did you find their school supplies? Can’t wait to hear how the like it! Chris starts Belle Hall next Wednesday. Just finished downloading Viber.

  • joanne ellison - I am howling laughing. Will forward to Dad. Redneck puppet….. so funny. That’s my girl!!

  • misty winn - hi lovely, love love love that you are blogging, so wanted to know how things are going for you. i love that the kids are having “tea”, what a neat neat experience. keep the updates coming…i’ll stalk you through your blog! love you!

  • Ashley Stipes - Glad you are blogging again Hope so I can keep up with your adventures! I will continue to pray the transition goes smoothly for your family! Let me know if you ever need anything back here! You know I’d love to help in any way.

total chaos

So, we have successfully arrived in NZ!! Several of you have asked for us to start a blog so that we can keep up with everyone. I am excited to start blogging again, just now sure how often I will get around to doing it. However, I do want all of you to get to…

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  • Aunt Mary - Hope- So happy for you to be having such a grand adventure. Reminds me of when I worked in England after college. Know it must be hard to be so far from your family but you will be home before you know it. So happy I will get to hear of your adventures through your blog. Have a wonderful time! Aunt Mary

  • Katie Rudolph - Reading this brings me so much joy! What an exciting adventure for you and your family. xx

  • Hope Grayson - Dear Hopie – What an adventure for all of you! I know you’ll love every minute of it. We miss you, but time will fly by! Love, Aunt Hope & Uncle Michael

  • brooke - LOVE!! Glad you arrived safely. Keep the posts coming! xo

  • Maggie - Yay!! So happy to hear you are there and drowning in your chaos!!! Hahahaha. How typical is it that the medical school diploma was left in the states??? Only Chris!! And by the way, I misss HIM so much. Haven’t seen him in a year!! HAPPY for you, hope you will settle in quickly and LOVE LOVE LOVE your time there!!! We love you dearly and MISS you like CRAZY!!! Maggie

  • Caroline - You are SO adventurous! I’m so excited you started blogging again. Please keep it up and keep taking pictures!

  • Paige - Hopie, I am so glad that you are blogging about your NZ adventure! Love it!! Love you!

  • joanne ellison - Still laughing at your blog Hopie!! I remember when your Dad and I arrived in Germany with you, Kat and Billy and couldnt speak the language. Brings back all to familiar memories! So glad about the house and the tomato.

  • Mary - Hope you are always in my prayers and yes please hook me up with your number as soon as you get a chance! I know you guys will adjust soon and I pray that this adventure you guys have been planning for some time now pours out on your family amazing blessings! I love you all!

  • Laura Roe - So thankful you are blogging again! Love hearing about you guys and your adventures! Keep ’em coming! Love you guys!!