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what I am truly thankful for.

WOW. It has been so long since I have posted on this blog that I was having to try several passwords to get onto the site & then remind myself of how to even upload photos! To someone who spent a countless number of hours behind this computer editing/uploading photos, that just sounds crazy to…

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  • brooke - hope — love these photos/what a beautiful family! love hearing about your life, your heart, the friendships the Lord has hand-picked for you. xo

  • anne - hey!! good to hear from you 🙂 so glad you have made such wonderful friends. these are awesome…man what a pretty setting you are in!

  • bethany - These pictures are gorgeous Hope! What a great beautiful family inside and out!

  • sarah - Hope this makes me SO very happy. I love these pictures and now even these strangers because of what they represent. Miss you so much sweet friend.

  • Caroline - The pictures are beautiful! Can’t wait to catch up and here more about this in a few weeks!

  • Kate Lee - hey! yeay…so glad to see you are back…maybe a sign of getting settled? this are amazing…i love the west coast look…such a different perspective. gorgeous family helps too!