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Category Archives: commercial

kettlebell community LOOK OUT!!!

(Hope Bray – Charlotte Photographer) WOW!!! Meet my friend, Strong Sarah ( We have been friends for several years & what a few years it has been for Sarah! Since I have known her she has endured a nearly fatal accident where a drunk driver going 80 mph hit her (as a pedestrian), several surgeries,...

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location, location, location

(Hope Bray – Charlotte Photographer) you want it? They have got it!! This super cool apartment complex is RIGHT NEXT TO the lightrail!!! I am talking you can walk out your back steps & be on a the train in 2 seconds. Very cool if you have to commute to uptown everyday or just like...

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the “it” place to live

okay readers.. for those of you in the market for a new place to live in Charlotte,  check out this hot spot!. Minutes from uptown, this apartment complex could not be more convienent. It has all the amenities you could ever want & a beautiful view of the city from the roof. I did a...

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